As a complex support structure that holds pelvic organs, and tissues in place. what does the viagra bathtub mean This support network includes the skin and muscles of the vagina walls (a network of tissues called the fascia). Various parts of this support system may eventually weaken or break, causing a common condition called vaginal prolapse. generic viagra without prescription A vaginal prolapse is a condition in which structures such as the uterus, rectum, bladder, urethra, small bowel, or the vagina itself may begin to prolapse, or fall out of their normal positions. Without medical treatment or surgery, these structures may eventually prolapse farther and farther into the vagina or even through the vaginal opening if their supports weaken enough. The symptoms that result from vaginal prolapse commonly affect sexual function as well as bodily functions such as urination and defecation. Pelvic pressure and discomfort are also common symptoms. The following are types of vaginal prolapse: rectocele (prolapse of the rectum): this type of vaginal prolapse involves a prolapse of the back wall of the vagina (rectovaginal fascia). When this wall weakens, the rectal wall pushes against the vaginal wall, creating a bulge. This bulge may become especially noticeable during bowel movements. Cystocele (prolapse of the bladder, bladder drop):  this can occur when the front wall of the vagina (pubocervical fascia) prolapses. As a result, the bladder may prolapse into the vagina. viagra uk generic When this condition occurs, the urethra usually prolapses as well. buy generic viagra online A urethral prolapse is also called a urethrocele. cheapest generic viagra uk When both the bladder and urethra prolapse, this condition is known as a cystourethrocele. Urinary stress incontinence (urine leakage during coughing, sneezing, exercise, etc) is a common symptom of this condition. Enterocele (herniated small bowel): the weakening of the upper vaginal supports can cause this type of vaginal prolapse. This condition primarily occurs following a hysterectomy. viagra cost An enterocele results when the front and back walls of the vagina separate, allowing the intestines to push against the vaginal skin. cheapest generic viagra uk Prolapsed uterus (womb): this involves a weakening of a group of ligaments called the uterosacral ligaments at the top of the vagina. This causes the uterus to fall, which commonly causes both the front and back walls of the vagina to weaken as well. is there a generic viagra The following are stages of uterine prolapse: first-degree prolapse: the uterus droops into the upper portion of the vagina. generic viagra Second-degree prolapse: the uterus falls into the lower part of the vagina. viagra generic Third-degree prolapse: the cervix, which is located at the bottom of the uterus, sags to the vaginal opening and may protrude outside the body. This condition is also cal.