Search home » cancer » lung mesothelioma asbestos joseph devine expert author |   3,820 articles joined: october 26, 2007 was this article helpful? cheap viagra online 0 0 interstitial lung disease and asbestos by joseph devine interstitial lung disease (ild) is a broad category that covers about cc different lung disorders. Also called interstitial pulmonary fibrosis or just pulmonary fibrosis, these different ilds are connected in that they are all initiated by an inflammation in the lungs. cheap viagra uk delivery Asbestos is one such material that can start the irritation. viagra 10 mg use While ild is nonmalignant and noninfectious, it is still a chronic disorder that can have lifelong repercussions on your body. Viagra overdose 911 call Basically, an irritant causes inflammation in the lining of the lungs, called interstitium. viagra prescription coverage Interstitium is the part of the lung tissue that protects the air sacs. viagra prescription coverage While the exact reaction causing the inflammation is unknown, there are several irritants that are thought to contribute to the disorder. viagra online zonder recept The main cause is environmental pollutants, while drugs, radiation, and other diseases like sarcoidosis and collagen problems can also cause inflammation. viagra online Additionally, inhaling asbestos fibers has also been shown to cause interstitial pulmonary fibrosis. Asbestos fibers are used in a number of different products from clutch pads to ceiling tiles to fire doors. This is no surprise considering the benefits that come with utilizing this substance. viagra safe 27 year old Asbestos is part of the silicate family. Generic viagra soft tabs 100mg As a silicate, this mineral is resistant to heat, flame, chemicals, electricity, and biodegradation. generic viagra online Also, asbestos itself is flexible and has high tensile strength, which allows it to be added to a number of other materials. viagra prescription coverage Asbestos in itself is not dangerous unless inhaled, ingested, or otherwise absorbed by the body. cheap viagra Although it is resistant to degradation, asbestos undergoes the natural wear-and-tear of age. average age men use viagra As this process occurs, it breaks down into microscopic fibers that become airborne if stirred around. If you breathe them in, they can become lodged in the interstitium of your lungs. buy cheap viagra Ou. generico viagra cheap viagra using half viagra pill viagra price history viagra generic 25mg